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Fax from E. Kirsch to T. P. Armstrong, S. M. Krimigis, and Don Mitchell, July 21, 1993

Many thanks for calculating again a new design for LEMMS. I had no chance to discuss it with Stefano Livi since he is presently absent from Lindau. The main advantage of the new design is that now two detectors less are needed.  The proton, alpha, and oxygen ions are good covered by the calculated channels.  But I see a disadvantage for measurement of relativistic electrons, which in my understanding can only be measured via their range in an absorber.  The following channels are possible:

E1 = (D13), D21, (D31) = 0.2-0.5 MeV
E2 = (D13), D21, D31, (B1) = 0.5-1.05 MeV
E3 = (D13), D21, D31, B1, (A1) = 1.05-1.2 MeV
E4 = (D13), D21, D31, B1, A1 > 1.2 MeV

The higher electron energies cannot be measured in differential channels since the internal absorbers are taken out.  When the MIMI team and especially Tom Krimigis as P.I. agrees with the new design we should build the LEMMS experiment as proposed. We should also know the channel specifications for ions entering from the opposite end as already mentioned by Thomas Armstrong in his last fax.

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