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Comparison of Initial Cassini/LEMMS and Voyager 1 and 2 Low Energy Charged Particle Trapped Radiation Observations

Poster presented at 35th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Paris, France, July 18-25, 2004

Authors: T. P. Armstrong, J. W. Manweiler, N. Krupp, A. Lagg, S. Livi, S. M. Krimigis, D. G. Mitchell, and L. J. Lanzerotti

Disclaimer: Owing to the brief period of time since the acquisition of SOI data, our analysis is necessarily incomplete and tentative. Comparison with Voyager results has only begun and we offer here only several easily described features of much larger and more complication data sets.

The LEMMS Instrument (Low Energy Magnetospheric Measurement System):


Passband Summary 0 Degree EndPassband Summary 180 Degree End


Overview of SOIVoyager 2 Observations
(Schardt & McDonald, JGR 1983)

Voyager 2 LECP
(Krimigis & Armstrong, GRL 1982)

  • Proton energy spectra probably
    show multiple contributions
  • High energy "peak" attributesto
    ring interactions



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