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Charge-Energy-Mass Spectrometer (CHEMS)

D. C. Hamilton, Univ. of Maryland, MIMI team meeting, October 1994

CHEMS Sensor Description

Ion Species
  Mass range
  Mass/charge range
H through Fe
  1 to 60 amu
  1 to 30 amu/e
Energy Range 3-220 keV/e (M/Q)
30-220 keV/e (Mass, M/Q
Geometrical Factor 0.05 cm2 sr
Total F.O.V. 159 x 8
Deflection Voltage System  

Spherical Segment Type

E/Q Range 3.0 to 220 keV/e
E/Q Resolution ~5%
Step Spacing 14.87%
Polar Acceptance Angle 159
Mean Radius 107.75 mm
Gap 4.50 mm
Deflection Angle 125
Voltage Range (+outer/-inner) 0.126 to 9.20 kV
-Geotail/STICS (launched July 1992)
-Wind/STICS (to be launched 1995)


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CHEMS Parts Changes

Brief report on detector evaluation tests that were performed on 3/7/94 to 3/17/94 at NASA/GSFC.

Solid State Detectors Performance Valuation Tests Report II

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