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Numerical Computation of Energy-Dependent Geometric Factors of E and F Electron Detectors of CASSINI/MIMI/LEMMS, Technical Report by Xiaodong Hong and Thomas P. Armstrong, May 10, 1997

Appendix A Coordinates and Coefficients of the Polygon Planes

A polygon plane is described as:

Ax + By + Cz + D = 0

The following table shows the coefficients for each modeled polygon plane of the Cassini/MIMI/LEMMS system.  The first column gives the plane number, the second column the number of vertexes, and the other columns are the A, B, C, and D coefficients respectively. The file is named coeffc.dat.

The following table gives the number of vertexes and the coordinates (x, y, z) of each vertex in the corresponding poly plane given in the previous table. The file used in the program is named coordc.dat.

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